How to Get Lost Wages in a Massachusetts Car Accident Case

When a serious car accident occurs that leaves a victim with debilitating injuries, they deserve to be compensated in full for their economic and noneconomic losses. While this compensation award will surely include payment for medical bills and property damage costs, claimants can also seek compensation for the value of their lost wages and loss of earning capacity when applicable. If you’ve been in a crash and have suffered injuries that have left you unable to work, here’s what you should know about how to get compensated for your lost wages in a Massachusetts car accident case–

What Are Lost Wages in a Car Accident Case?

Lost wages in a car accident case refer to a type of compensation amount that is recoverable to compensate a car accident victim for the actual value of lost wages that they have suffered as a result of their injuries. For example, if an hourly worker who works for eight hours a day at a rate of $25 an hour misses four weeks’ worth of work due to injuries, they will lose out on approximately $4,000 of wages. A worker deserves to be compensated for this economic loss.

Lost wages might also refer to future lost wages and loss of earning capacity. For example, if a person was on track to get a promotion that would lead to a significant pay raise and their injury has disabled them to the point where they will no longer be able to perform the work that the promotion would require, they may be eligible for compensation for what they would have earned had the accident not occurred. Similarly, a victim may also seek damages for a loss of any benefits they would have accrued, such as retirement benefits. 

What Do I Have to Prove?

In general, to win a personal injury claim a plaintiff must prove that the defendant owed them a duty of care, that the duty of care was breached, that the breach was the proximate cause of the accident, and that the accident led to actual damages. The “damages” in this circumstance are your lost wages.

In order to prove lost wages, you’ll need to show pay stubs or tax returns indicating your normal income, as well as proof of your injuries and a doctor’s note showing that you are unable to return to work or work at normal capacity. Depending on the complexity of your case and your injuries, you may need to work with financial professionals who can provide insight as to what the value of your future earnings and benefits would have been but for your debilitating injuries. 

Steps to Take After a Crash

After a crash, it’s important to seek medical care and keep thorough documentation about your injuries, your ability to work, and your recovery process. You should also contact an attorney as soon as possible who can help you begin to gather evidence, make sense of your options, and build your claim.

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