Massachusetts Pedestrian Construction Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places, full of moving parts and machinery, the risk of electrocution and falling objects, loud noises, motor vehicles, loose debris and collapses, and more. While these risks certainly affect the construction workers who are at a construction site day after day, they can also affect passersby, including pedestrians. For pedestrians who have been harmed at a construction site, here’s an overview of how liability may work and how to recover compensation for your harm–

Who’s Liable for a Massachusetts Pedestrian Construction Site Injury?

Most construction site accidents that involve pedestrians happen as a result of falling objects or motor vehicle accidents–both of which can lead to serious injuries or even be deadly. While accidents such as these may be life-changing, knowing who’s liable for an injured pedestrian’s harm can be confusing. Parties that may potentially be held liable include:

  • The construction company. Most obviously, the construction company may be held liable for harm that occurs to a pedestrian if the construction company’s negligence was to blame for the accident. For example, if a construction company failed to properly secure objects, resulting in falling debris/object causing an accident, then the construction company may be held liable for the pedestrian’s damages in full. 
  • The contracting party. In some cases, the party that contracts the construction company for work may be held liable. Consider one case that originated from a 2007 accident: a construction company contracted with a Massachusetts city to oversee a construction project and conduct a traffic study. When a pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle and tragically died, the plaintiff brought forth a claim that named the construction company, as well as the city and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; however, neither of the latter were found to have any liability. 
  • A negligent third party. Finally, in some cases, the actions of a negligent third party may have caused the accident. For example, a negligent driver at the construction site who failed to heed posted warnings and directions may have led to a pedestrian’s injuries. Or, defective equipment may have caused an accident, in which case the manufacturer of the equipment could be held liable. 

What to Do If Someone Is Injured or Killed at a Construction Site

For pedestrians who are injured–or for the loved ones of pedestrians who are killed–at construction sites, knowing what steps to take next is critical. As soon as possible, you should report the accident, gather evidence, and seek medical care. You should also hire an experienced Massachusetts personal injury lawyer who can assist you with your claim immediately.

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