Revere Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Our Revere Personal Injury Lawyers Help You after a Crash

When a car and a motorcycle collide, the motorcyclist is at an increased risk of sustaining serious, or even fatal, injuries. In fact, over the course of a single year, the federal government estimated that per miles traveled, the rate of death on motorcycles was more than 27 times that number for passenger cars.

There are a number of reasons why motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than motor vehicles, including the fact that motorcycles are less stable, riders lack protections that are provided in an enclosed vehicle (like airbags and seatbelts), and riders are often unhelmeted at the time of crash.

If you or your loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, our Revere personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Alan Hildreth King & Associates want to meet with you. We will help you to understand your options for recovering compensation for injuries and damages.

Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

When someone else’s negligence is the cause of a motorcycle crash, the injured party (or their family members, if the accident results in motorcyclist death) deserves to be fully compensated for their injuries. Our Revere motorcycle accident lawyers will help you to valuate and seek damages for:

  • Medical expenses and future medical expenses;
  • Lost wages and loss of earning capacity;
  • Property damage;
  • Pain;
  • Suffering;
  • Loss of quality of life; and
  • All other economic and noneconomic damages.

How to Bring Forth a Claim after a Crash

When you are involved in a crash, it is very important to determine fault as soon as possible, as who is at fault for the crash will determine who will pay for it. If the negligence of the other driver was the cause of your motorcycle accident, you can bring a claim against that driver’s liability insurance, or file a lawsuit directly against the at-fault driver. In order to be fully compensated for your losses, you will need to prove negligence, causation, and damages.

Typically, an insurance adjuster will offer you a settlement offer after you make a claim. However, you should never accept a first settlement offer unless it has been reviewed by an attorney. First settlement offers are typically much less than claimants really deserve. Claimants often return to the negotiation table multiple times before securing a settlement that fully compensates them.

Why Work with a Revere Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Working with a Revere motorcycle and personal injury lawyer is the best way to improve your chances of recovering your maximum settlement amount. Our legal team will work with you from day one to investigate your accident, build your case, and determine the value of your damages. We handle all paperwork, negotiations, and more on your behalf.

If you have suffered losses in a motorcycle accident, you don’t have to navigate the recovery process on your own. At The Law Offices of Alan Hildreth King & Associates, our caring Revere personal injury lawyers are here to represent you. Contact us today by phone at (781) 284-2900 or send us a message – consultations are free!