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The neck is made up of many different parts, including tendons, ligaments, bones, joints, and nerves. When any of these parts are impacted or injured, they can cause neck pain. Sometimes, pain is severe enough that it prevents a person from performing their normal work or daily routine, and it can be painful enough to require medical intervention, ranging from medication to therapy to surgery.

While neck pain may develop for a number of reasons, it is not uncommon for neck pain to develop as a direct result of an accident caused by the negligence of another party. If you believe that your neck injury was caused by someone else, contact our Revere personal injury attorneys today to learn more about holding the at-fault party liable.  

Causes and Types of Neck Injuries

Almost everyone has experienced neck pain at some point in their life, even simply due to sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Indeed, neck injuries can be caused by myriad accident types, including:

  • Slip and fall accidents;
  • Motor vehicle crashes;
  • Pedestrian and bike accidents;
  • Workplace injuries; and
  • Diving accidents.

These accident types can lead to a variety of different neck injuries, such as:

  • Soft tissue injuries. A strain (injury to muscle) or sprain (injury to ligaments) in the neck is very common. This type of injury may cause a tingling sensation, pain, muscle spasms, numbness in the hand or arm, headache, and even a sore throat. Fortunately, neck sprains and strains will typically heal fully given enough time and proper treatment.
  • Cervical spine fracture. The neck is comprised of bones called vertebrae. When a fracture occurs in the neck, this is referred to as the cervical area of the spine. Cervical fractures can be very serious, and if it impacts the spinal column, a person may suffer paralysis. However, most cervical spine fractures are treatable. There are operative and nonoperative treatment options available.
  • Dislocation. Just as the cervical region of the spine can suffer a fracture, it can also suffer a dislocation injury. Dislocation occurs when a bone moves out of its normal position. Sometimes, dislocation is so serious that it is also accompanied by a fracture injury, and impacts the spinal cord. Mild dislocations are also common, and can be treated without surgery.  

Recovering Compensation for Your Losses

In Revere and surrounding areas of Massachusetts, those who are injured by the actions of another party maintain a cause of action against that party for damages. This means that if another party caused your neck injury–or the accident that led to your neck injury–you can hold them liable for the full extent of damages you suffered if you can prove that the injury would not have occurred but for that party breaching the duty of care owed to you. If you can prove this, you can seek damages for medical expenses, pain, suffering, lost wages, and all other losses you have incurred.

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