Types of Evidence in a Car Accident Claim

While Massachusetts is a no-fault state, which means that a person who is involved in a crash will turn to their own insurance first and will not need to prove the fault of the other driver, there are some situations where fault matters. In fact, if a vehicle occupant has suffered serious injuries, they reserve to right to step outside of the no-fault system and file a claim against the responsible party. In order to be successful in this pursuit, though, evidence must be presented that proves, by a preponderance of the evidence, the defendant’s liability.

There are multiple different types of evidence that can be useful in a car accident claim. Consider some of the most important evidence types listed below, and call our Revere car accident attorney for more details–

Event Data Recorder Evidence

Event Data Recorders (EDRs) are found in the majority of new vehicles that are manufactured today, and the information that they provide can be critical in a car accident claim. EDRs are capable of monitoring many of a vehicle’s “events,” including things such as speed, steering, airbag deployment, acceleration, seatbelt use, force of impact, and braking. As such, evidence from an EDR can provide insight into how fast a driver was traveling, whether they swerved or accelerated suddenly, if the brakes were slammed on, and more – all information that can be useful in proving fault.

Eyewitnesses’ Statements

After a crash, both you and the other driver involved, as well as any passengers, will be asked to give a statement. While statements are taken seriously, insurance adjusters recognize that drivers and passengers are often biased – they clearly have some skin in the game. As such, something that can be much more valuable than an involved driver’s statement is the statement of an unbiased eyewitness.

If there was anyone who saw your crash and can speak to what happened, getting their name, contact information, and a description of what they saw can be invaluable.

Doctors’ Bills, Reports, and Medical Expenses

Getting the compensation award that you deserve after a car accident isn’t just about proving fault; it’s also about establishing the degree of damages you’ve suffered. In order to do this, you need to keep thorough documentation of all medical appointments and doctors’ visits, prescribed treatment and medication, medical records, and all medical bills and expenses.

And That’s Not All…

The above evidence types are just a handful of some of the most important types of evidence – your case will also benefit from photos, video footage of the evidence, the opinions of accident reconstruction experts, a personal journal detailing your recovery, and more.

If you’ve been seriously injured, though, gathering the above evidence types yourself can prove difficult, if not impossible. At The Law Offices of Alan Hildreth King & Associates, our Revere car accident lawyers will handle all elements of an accident investigation on your behalf, gathering and organizing evidence to build a strong claim.

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