5 Serious Roof Deck Accidents

Roof decks are no doubt a feature of buildings and personal properties that many enjoy. Not only do rooftop decks provide plenty of opportunities for sunbathing and stargazing, but they can also provide fantastic views of the city and a perfect place to pass the time with family and friends. But decks–especially those as high as roofs–can be dangerous. Consider these five serious roof deck accidents and what to do if you’ve been harmed in Revere–

  1. Slip and Fall

Slip and falls are a risk on all decks. Slip and fall injuries can occur from pure clumsiness, but are more likely when hazards exist. Deck hazards that can contribute to the likelihood of a slip and fall include objects on the deck, uneven walking surfaces, loose boards or flooring, spills of food or drink, and loose wires. Sometimes, rowdy guests can also contribute to a slip and fall accident.

  1. Staircase Falls and Injuries

Most roof decks are accessible via stairs, and some of these stairways may be both steep and narrow. As such, trip and fall injuries on the stairs are a serious risk. These injuries are more likely when stairwells are crowded, lighting is poor, stairs are defective or broken, or users are alcohol-impaired.

  1. Roof Deck Collapses

While less common than slip and falls on roof decks or in decks’ stairwells, roof deck collapses do happen. Cave-ins are almost always the result of the defective design or construction of the roof deck, although they may also happen as a result of improper maintenance and aging and deterioration of materials over time.

  1. Fall-over Accidents

One of the most serious types of rooftop deck injuries in one in which an individual actually falls off of or over the roof deck, hitting the ground below and suffering serious injuries, including potentially a spinal cord injury, bone fracture injuries, a traumatic brain injury, internal injuries, and more. These accidents may occur as a result of a lack of railing or properly designed and installed railing or dangerous conditions that exist on the deck.

  1. Assaults

Finally, while assault can happen anywhere, roof decks can get crowded and those who use rooftop decks are often drinking (which can impair judgment). When guests get too rowdy, accidents are more common, ranging from accidentally being shoved and suffering a slip and fall to being physically assaulted by an angry patron.

What Are My Rights if I Am Harmed on a Roof Deck in Revere?

If you suffer an injury while legally enjoying a roof deck, you need a skilled Revere personal injury lawyer. At The Law Offices of Alan Hildreth King & Associates, our lawyer can investigate your case to determine who’s liable for your harm whether you’re the victim of a slip and fall, staircase accident, fall-over incident, roof deck collapse, or assault. Attorney Alan H. King has more than 35 years of experience helping injury victims recover the compensation they deserve.

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