Most Dangerous Actions that Lead to Car Accidents

Despite efforts to promote safer driving and curb the number of collisions, car accidents continue to be a leading cause of serious injury and death in Massachusetts. To be sure, there were 389 car accident-related deaths in the state in 2016 alone, a shocking number.

While numerous things can cause car accidents, drivers’ actions and errors are the most common reason that collisions occur. Here are some of the most dangerous driver actions that lead to car accidents – if you have been in a crash, call one of our Revere car accident lawyers immediately.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has always been dangerous, but with the ubiquity of the mobile device, distracted driving has become more prevalent than ever before. The National Safety Council reports that thousands of people have died in accidents involving distracted drivers, with cellphones being a top distraction.


An article published by Slate provides an interesting insight into why drivers tailgate: tailgating drivers think that driving closer to the car in front of them will get them to their destination faster. Not only is this foolish thinking (you’ll only save 26 seconds per day as a result of hurrying), but following too closely is extremely dangerous. While rear-end collisions are often dismissed as being innocuous, these crashes may lead to serious injuries, and even death in severe cases.


Speeding is dangerous for a number of reasons, the first being that it can lead to loss of control of a vehicle, especially when performing a difficult maneuver or making a turn. The second reason that speeding is so dangerous is that as the speed of a vehicle increases, the force of the vehicle increases too. This means that if the vehicle crashes, the faster the speed at which the vehicle was traveling upon impact, the more force involved, and the more severe the damages.

Alcohol-Impaired Driving

About 29 people per day die in crashes involving an alcohol-impaired person, or about one person every 50 minutes. Even if an individual is not drunk or does not have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or above, they may still be alcohol-impaired after even a single drink. Alcohol slows reflexes, impairs judgment, and results in a delayed reaction time. This means that drinking before driving can be deadly.

Have You Been in a Crash with a Dangerous Driver?

The above four behaviors are just a handful of the dangerous actions that drivers may engage in and that may cause accidents. If you have been in a car accident caused by the negligence of another, and if you have suffered losses as a result, you deserve to be compensated.

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