Revere Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip and fall accidents happen year-round throughout Revere and surrounding areas of Massachusetts. While some of these accidents are insignificant, and many certainly do not warrant filing a civil suit, others are serious. When a serious slip and fall accident that is caused by the negligence of another leads to injuries, the slip and fall victim should think seriously about how they will recover compensation for their losses. At The Law Offices of Alan, Hildreth, King & Associates, our Revere slip and fall lawyers know that filing a personal injury claim for damages is often the smartest thing to do, and the only way to recover the financial award you deserve.

Slip and Fall Accidents and Personal Injury Cases

Everyone has probably slipped and fallen at some point in their life, whether as a result of an icy sidewalk, tripping over their own feet, or a defect in a walking surface. Most of the time, these accidents aren’t serious, and besides minor bruising and soreness, the person is okay.

Sometimes, though, injuries are serious. Slip and fall accidents have the potential to cause:

  • Head and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs);
  • Back and spine injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Fractured bones; and
  • Soft tissue injuries.

These injuries are painful, expensive to treat, and may even lead to permanent disability and the many losses – such as the inability to work – that are associated with that disability. Filing a personal injury claim that holds the owner of the property where the slip and fall occurred liable for damages may be your best option for recovering the financial award you need to move forward.

Property Owner Liability and Negligence

If you are filing a personal injury claim to recover compensation after a slip and fall, you will need to prove that the property owner of the place where the accident occurred committed an act of negligence. Negligence is the failure to exercise the standard of care that a reasonable person in the same situation would, and as it pertains to property owners and slip and fall claims, negligence is the failure to correct or warn of a known hazard on a property. For example, hazards that could lead to slip and falls include:

  • Snow and ice;
  • Broken stairs;
  • Lack of handrails/broken railings;
  • Spills;
  • Slippery surfaces;
  • Objects in way;
  • Broken sidewalk; and  
  • Torn carpet.

A property owner has a duty to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition for all those who enter the property lawfully. This is true for both owners of residential homes and businesses, as well as all public and private properties. The only exception to this is the duty owed to trespassers, which is simply not to cause willful or wanton harm.

Let Us Help You Recover Your Full Damages Amount

Slip and falls can be scary and very serious. If you are injured in a slip and fall accident that would not have happened but for someone else’s failure to keep their property safe, you should file a claim. Our Revere personal injury lawyers are here to represent you throughout the entire process. To learn more about our team and discuss your claim in more detail, contact us today for your free consultation.