Tips for Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster after a Car Accident

When you are in a car accident and file a claim with the insurance company, you might be under the assumption that the insurance adjuster assigned to your case is committed to helping you get the largest settlement amount possible, especially if you are a safe driver and this is the first claim you are filing.

But insurance adjusters don’t work for you – they work for large insurance companies. And while they may put on a pretense of helpfulness and friendliness, their primary objective is to save the insurance company money.

As you navigate the claims process, knowing how to talk to an insurance adjuster is important. Here are some tips to help you along the way–

Be Honest

It is incredibly important that you are honest when speaking to an insurance adjuster, and refrain from misrepresenting or hyperbolizing the facts. This does not mean that you need to tell an insurance adjuster everything, but it does mean that if you are asked a question, you should not lie or exaggerate. For example, if you know that you were speeding and an insurance adjuster asks you how fast you were traveling, you should not say that you were going under the speed limit – if evidence is produced to show you are being untruthful, you will not be found credible when you make other claims, such as how badly you’ve been injured.

Know Your Rights

You do not need to tell an insurance adjuster that you were at fault for an accident, can say “I don’t know,” when asked questions about the accident, and may refuse to give a recorded statement. Further, you do not have to accept an insurance adjuster’s settlement offer, and do have the right to hire a lawyer. You also do not have to give the insurance company access to your medical records (and probably should not do so).

Be Cooperative and Polite

Being cooperative and polite is important, and both characteristics are valuable no matter with whom you’re speaking. If the insurance adjuster needs information from you that you are uncomfortable giving, you can gently explain to them that you’d rather consult with a lawyer first.

While you should always be professional when interacting with an insurance adjuster, this does not mean that you have to be a pushover. You do not have to comply with every request, and you do not need to accept allegations made against you, such as that you were at fault for the accident (even if you believe you were not to blame).

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Hiring a car accident lawyer is a wise idea. Car accident lawyers are familiar with Massachusetts’ recovery laws and the car accident claims process, realize insurance adjusters’ true motives, and know how to investigate crashes, prove fault and damages, and negotiate for fair settlement amounts. At The Law Offices of Alan Hildreth King & Associates, our car accident lawyers are also experienced litigators who aren’t intimidated by the prospect of taking your case to court if need be.

If you’ve been in a crash, our lawyers want to help you. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t owe us a cent if we don’t win. Call us at 781-284-2900 for your free consultation or send our law firm a message today.